Dear parents,

If you need a highly qualified nanny who will be at your service 24 hours, our service is the right solution. As leaders in the global market of services – professional care in the preservation and education of children. It is very difficult to find an agency that can indicate confidence and we understand the importance of your privacy! Our success is based on your satisfaction

Why is the Kolibri Babysitting agency the right choice for you?

  • We listen carefully to your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • We will present you with the best candidates who have passed tests of expertise and who have the highest of recommendations
  • We wont waste your time and will dedicate our time and full attention to you
  • We guarantee absolute privacy for your entire family
  • We stand behind our warranty

What do we guarantee?

Kolibri Babysitting is there to ensure a minimum 3 month warranty. If within those 3 months your babysitter, for any reason, wants to terminate their employment with you, we are obligated to provide a new candidate within 2 to 24 hours.

How does the agency choose candidates who will be engaging?

Only candidates who have at least 4 years of experience, and are specialists in the field of pediatrics, medicine, special education, pedagogy, psychology are considered.

Our agency checks references, and performs a detailed interview with each candidate who successfully passes a set of psychological tests before being considered.

Our agency also checks that applicants do not have a criminal record, and that they was never convicted of any crime.

We are at your disposal for all types of conferences: by telephone, on-line or by scheduling a meeting in our office.

VIP Nannies

Our customers become our friends and partners, enjoying the privileges of that position. However, this does not mean that other nannies from our agencies are not VIP. All our nannies are well aware that every child is a VIP Princess and VIP Prince, and that they are VIPs (Very Important Persons), to you = to us. In fact, throughout the years in this business, we have encountered specific, and sometimes very unusual request of parents, of those who need that nanny to travels with them to the other side of the world or that the nanny speaks at least three foreign languages. We are proud that we managed to fulfill all the requirements. VIP nannies are very active in educational work with your children. They play games with them and encourage the development of creative thinking, especially the prescribed programs of MENSA. Our VIP nannies meet specific requirements regarding child care of a VIP client.

Our Team of Experts

Dr. Biljana Kostić

Dr. Biljana Kostić is a medical doctor, pediatrician with extensive experience in pediatric clinics. She is the author of several educational TV shows about the proper growth and development of children, as well as author of Congress work at the First Congress of Rational Therapies in Medicine on the topic of abuse of Antipyretics. Multiple lecturer in several workshops of different topics in the Pediatric field. She is CPR certified and is a constant participant in symposia and conferences in the field of Pediatrics, one of which is a visit and experience exchange at Donauspital Hospital in Vienna.

Milka Raicević

All your doubts about food can be resolved by our nutritionist, Milka M. Raicević. It is our wish that all your doubts about meals and the nutrition of your family, newborn, infant and children solve in time Schedule seeing our nutritionist at your home or in our office.

Exclusively for clients of Kolibri Babysitting. Nutritionist counseling is offered at no charge

It has been shown that early stimulation of the child can increase their intelligence as much as 30%. Imagine a child who has some difficulties in receiving these incentives, how much time it wastes while parents recognize the problem, accept it, and decide to visit a Pediatrician?

Early stimulation means the period from birth to three years…

The child is stimulated in all aspects of development through conditional tough game. This approach to the child needs to be friendly and parents do not need to explain where they are going, it is enough to say that they are going to the playroom to play. If your child wants to take his toy let him, because the therapist can use it while diagnosing.

Free of charge exclusively for clients of agency Kolibri babysitting are speech therapist examinations / ABBA therapists, detection and diagnosis of acquired voice of speech-language disorders, stuttering, slow psychomotor development disorders, pervasive spectrum, learning disabilities, hearing disorders, vision, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders in children

Helen Holzer

Successful parenting requires skills, practical training and the acquisition of certain skills. Love and best intentions are not enough. Once you know the basics of the educational process and the needs of your child, you are able to get ahead of the problems and the existing ones are resolved more quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, it is important for children to be taught on time:

What are the developmental needs of the child at certain ages (at what stage you can expect and how to deal with these obstacles)
Socialization (kindergarten and/or school)
The reactions of the child to the changes in the family
The most common mistakes parents make and how to eliminate them
Constructive penalties and necessary boundaries
What are the effective models of parenting (“right amount ” of authority and consistency, the difference between respect and awe, gaining the trust of a child …)
Communication: the most common conflicts, models of resolving and overcoming them

For these and other questions about growing up and the education of your child at the developmental stage, potential problems and your concerns, you can ask our educator Helen Holzer.

Exclusively for clients of Kolibri babysitting the counseling of our Pedagogues is offered at no charge

Dr. Ljubodrag Krpić

We all know how important regular maintenance of oral hygiene is in order to preserve dental health in both adults and children.But do we do it properly? When should a child take the first appointment with the dentist? What future mothers can do even before the arrival of the baby into the world as a prevention to the helthy growth and development of your childs teeth? Healthy teeth and healthy smile makes it easier to chew and learning new words, proper development of orofacial system and of course, better general health of your child.

Little School of Intellectual Skills at your address

Tesla Babies Is a program for children of 3+ years, which provides a starting point for overcoming the challenges of modern society:
  1. the lack of attention
  2. mechanical learning
  3. the lack of empathy
  4. self awareness
Tesla program means development of mental competence
  1. Quickly reading
  2. mental maps
  3. Tehniques for memory
  4. Organization of learning
TED Program Tehniques of effective learning for children to develop:
  1. Functional learning
  2. The ability to hold attention
  3. Optimal Level of motivation
  4. Children indipendance in the educational process

Kolibri Activities

Creative workshop

Kolibri Labrotory

Our creative team of educators, school counselors, nutritionists, IT programmers and athletes are organizing thematic scientific, sports, environmental, intellectual, robotic and music workshops and concerts for babies and children according to age.

Magicians and mascots, and the arrival of Santa Claus, are the usual activities of our Creative Team. Nannies are at your call fully equipped with art, paint and others materials to comply with the most creative demands of the families.

Baby Artish

Concerts for babies 0+ on your address

Welcome to the Baby Artists program!

Baby Artysh concerts are intended for the youngest (0-3 years) children accompanied by an adult. Interactive concerts are fun and educational. You listen, participate and expand your field of ideas for games to play at home. Our repertoire includes selected works of classical music, popular tunes and childrens songs played on violin, clarinet, bass clarinet and piano.

The child(ren) will have the opportunity to directly learn about the musical instruments with the help of artists and their Nannies.

This program is performed by highly educated musical performers

Kolibri Horseback Riding

Belgrade Hippodrome

With their first contact with horses, children are taught the basics of posture in the saddle with interesting exercises which develops motor skills and balance.

There are many positive physical changes in the body, particularly in children – such as strengthening of muscles, better coordination of movement, balance and orientation in space, better mobility of the whole body and the establishment of synchronized movements.Riding classes for children 4+ years are led by leading equestrian trainer specialist for children , with EU coaching license.


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