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“Kolibri Babysitting” is the leading child care agency with years of experience in providing premium babysitting services. We are the first and only agency with a special program for Montessori babysitting at your home. The agency operates in 16 countries and has a team of highly qualified Montessori nannies, who speak as many as 18 languages. All nannies are certified 4 TEACHERS, with certificate recognized by the AMI and are fully trained to adapt principles of Montessori pedagogy to the needs of your child.

Montessori Babysitter

The agency Kolibri believes that it is our obligation to be thoroughly acquainted with our nannies as they represent the selected and highly trained candidates with the longest work experience.

Through our detailed examination of this long-standing cooperation, we are proud to claim that we know who will take care of your children. Our Nannies main responsibility is your child. Your nanny can take your child for a walk, to the playground, swimming lessons, read fairy tales and give him excellent educational activities in a fun way.

We provide you the best candidates specifically selected according to your requirements. According to your needs, we will provide you with nannies who will live with you.

The advantage of Montessori methods at home

Education based on the principle “One on One” allows child to individually interact with teacher, in a familiar and comfortable environment of your home. In a carefully prepared environment, child is avoiding the feeling of confusion and unsecurity, which children experience in a group of children of different ages and the area that has a large selection of teaching materials of different fields. Individual work allows educators to continuously monitor the childs behavior and to adapt educational style to the structure of the childs personality

What is a Pedagogue

Montessori education system is internationally recognized pedagogical concept with long tradition. It is widely spread in Italy, the Netherlands, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. Montessori system is conceptually different from the traditional educational system and contains a unique approach to the child and his needs. It is based on a philosophy of child development according to which an individual acquires knowledge in the areas of life in which they will participate as an adults. It emphasizes the childs need for freedom within limits, includes a carefully prepared environment and activities that develop autonomy and independence.

The Montessori method is an indirect method of work, because the emphasis is not on teaching the child, but on providing stimulating environment that enhances childrens natural curiosity and lets him play through spontaneous discovery learning. Moto of the Montessori method is “Help me to do it myself.” Montessori method fully respects the childs individuality and allows every child to establish their own learning pace with significant inner feeling of success. When a child develop a sense of pride in their work, there is an increase of confidence and well-being. Unlike traditional pedagogy in which the teacher plays a dominant role of discipline, control, teaching, helping the child and often corrects the work, Montessori program is fully focused on the child and his needs at the moment. A child selects exercises and sets its own pace of work, while the teacher observes and directs, not interrupting the work. In Montessori pedagogy there is no need for the reward or punishment, because it is essential for a child to adopt so called. “Error control”, not only that child recognizes the mistake but in accordance with their own system of values ​​removes it in future activities.

Montessori pedagogy is one of the few scientifically based, thoroughly explained and applied practical learning on education of the child, whose ideas were popular more than a hundred years and are used around the world with fascinating results.

Choosing Montessori pedagogy for your child, you will not have to worry about the anxiety and fear of the unknown that child is experiencing to the eventual relocation and changing environment, given that the principles of Montessori education are identical throughout the world.

Studies have shown that children who are educated according to the principles of Montessori pedagogy proved to be better prepared for primary school with the reading and mathematical abilities than children reared by traditional methods. They also shown better tests results of executive function, the ability to adopt changes and more complex concepts, which are indicators of future success in school and in life.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many successful people who attended Montessori schools as children, said that impact of Montessori pedagogy stand out as one of the key factors of their success.

Montessori materials

Montessori materials are autodidactical materials which children can use independently to learn with them and gain experience. Based on specific childrens needs and interests, Montessori teacher determines which material to be presented to the child and how to adapt certain materials to the childs needs and interests.

Montessori material is designed in the way that children using the error control can evaluate ther own work,and find a solution or path to a solution. A childs work with montessori materials to very practical, by shaking,finding a pair, putting in a row, custom building .. and this is repeated, until child becomes completely familiar with the material

Montessori for kids with special needs

Agency Kolibri has a highly professional staff of psychologists, educators and special educators in various fields, which are certified Montessori teachers specialized in working with children of atypical development. Our team will work with you to develop an individual program for your child, in accordance with the nature of the difficulties and needs of the child, with the aim of maximizing the use of natural potentials of the child.

Stimulative Montessori programs will be conducted there where is a risk to normal development, according to the current level of general psychomotor development, and individual spheres within the development (learning, praxis, Gnosis, behavior).

Parents can also choose a individual-corrective work, and for the care of the child with the following difficulties:

  • Autism
  • Reeducation
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyslaly
  • Dyslexia
  • Down Syndrome
  • Hyperkinetic Syndrome
  • visual impairment
  • speech disorder
  • hearing impairment
  • physical damage
  • intellectual disability
  • recognizing the special needs of children with developmental disabilities – Operation and support are designed to provide in the first place a proper and healthy growth in a family, individual development and social integration

Celebrities with a Montessori Education

Prince William

the English royal family

Prince Harry

the English royal family

Sergey Brin

founder of Google

Larry Page

founder of Google

Jacqueline Kennedy

the former editor and the First Lady (wife of John F. Kennedy)

George Clooney

Oscar Award winning actor

Anne Frank

who wrote her famous diary during World War II

Jimmy Wales

founder of Wikipedia

Will Wright

creator of The Sims

Katherine Graham

the former owner-editor of the Washington Post

Julia Child

the famous chef, cooking shows star, and author of many books about cooking

Gabriel Marquez

Nobel price writer


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