Babysitter Montenegro

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Agency “Kolibri”. We will give your kids a high level of established EU standards and tailored exactly to your needs and wishes. At our service you can count NOW, weekends and holidays, all 24 hours/365 days a year. The Agency operates within the framework of the Association of Nanny Serbia “VIP Nannies” under the auspices of the EU Point service based in Athens.

What can a Kolibri Babysitter offer you?

Our babysitters are not there just to look after the children, they take them away to the nurseries or schools, doing homework with them, educate them, learn a foreign language, play and worry about the overall health of body and soul. Starting from the childs needs, taking into consideration the developmental characteristics of children of all ages and their individual characteristics and traits, babysitters implement various programs and create stimulating and provocative environment for the development of independent, happy, curious and creative personalities.

Stimulus of creative curiosity
Development Communications
Development of motor skills and movement
Home exercise
Going to the park
Playing board games
Education in a foreign language
eLearning assistance with our professor

Babysitter during Weddings & Celebrations

How can we help?

We can organize several babysitters to get to the wedding then depending on your needs to adjust thematic activities.

Children will have the opportunity to have fun, and nannies will arrange a synchronized entertainment program with appropriate thematic creative workshops.

Our coordinators can ensure the arrival of Animators and a theater performance. The Agency can provide a selection of artificial materials, books and matching toys. Babies can sleep, change and be fed.

For clients who want their child to sleep during events, we can provide a nanny in the hotel room. The agency can also offer a baby bed for special events, sports events, conferences, celebrations. We can organize individual and group reservations for children. We kindly ask that you call us for proper arrangements if you require a professional nanny for each, individual child.

Prepare the wedding! In order to help parents safely leave their babies with babysitter without having previously selected them, we will deliver a profile that they can print out.

Such a nanny has her own book in which she notes:

Beginning and end of events
The age and number of children he / she preserves and their age information
Special needs of parents and allergies if children have
Event plan for childrens games / entertainment

Babysitters for children with special needs

In our offer of services we also provide services to children with special needs and experienced professional staff working with children with special needs:

Speech therapists
Oligo Phrenologists

Baby sitters that look after children with special needs are aimed at achieving better social integration and socialization, encouraging the development of childrens preserved abilities, encouraging the development and stabilization of childrens feelings of safety, satisfaction, self-esteem, develop communication skills, express needs, desires and intentions through verbal and nonverbal and encourage physical development. Also, parents provide assistance in obtaining a positive experience on the possibilities of their children and willingness to live together with their peers and other people.

Escorting children

As part of our VIP service, Personal Escorts for children are adapted to suit your needs.

As part of the Association of Bodyguards, a department of bodyguards specializing in the monitoring and surveillance of children. They are trained by German International Organizations and their work is tailored to the behavior of the “little people”.

In the course of the engagement, every child entrusted has a full protection program which includes adequate equipment through which we view and track the movement of the child via satellite thus eliminating the possibility that it ends at an unknown location.

Our task is that every client, especially the youngest one, is safe and secure from any kind of physical and mental harassment.


Our service specialized in engagement nanny during your stay on the sea and providing twenty-four hour nursing babies at least 12 or 24 hours, minimum 7 days a week.

Engagement nannies can choose here:

12 Hours every day for 7 days 1.119€
24 Hours every day for 7 days 1.319€
12 Hours every night for 7 days 1.350€

For services 12 and 24 hours on a monthly basis you can contact the agency


Hadži Prodanova 14, Vračar 11000 Beograd, Srbija