If you need a highly qualified nanny who will be at your service 24 hours, our service is the right solution. As leaders in the global market of services – professional care in the preservation and education of children.

It is very difficult to find an agency that can indicate confidence and we understand the importance of your privacy!

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Pediatric nurse

Let us help you with your child from the first day. Our professionally trained nannies, which are specialized for newborn babies (midwife / maternity nurse), are here for you.

They will remove any confusion and give adequate support to the mother. Their extensive experience enables them to answer each question you may have and to react at any time in the best way.

They will help you to establish a routine of sleeping in the first few weeks, provide assistance to the mother on feeding the baby (over bottle or breast), bathing or dressing.

They will, also, provide appropriate care for older babies and if they have problems with insomnia they will refer parents on the best way to alter the routine.

Depending on your needs, our Midwife (Maternity Nurse) or Pediatric Nurse are available at night, and they are there for you to gain some much needed and restful sleep.

What do our clients say?

The agency “Kolibri” meets our family since the arrival of the hospital. Depending on the needs of the newborn and mother, facilitate recovery given to us by the arrival of the hospital, and it is important to establish a healthy relationship of mother and infant. After a period of growth, the agency has a good individually and methodical approach. “Hummingbird” are available 24 hours that will give additional security to parents. Dadi Daliborka worked in the family JU Simonovic. Cooperation took place most sensitive days after the exit from the hospital. Nanny joined the business weighed, professional and intuitive. With this approach facilitated the first days of recovery and establishing a healthy relationship of mother and infant.

Likovni umetnik-slikar J.U.S.

I would like all interested parents to recommend the agency Kolibri, because they meet all possible zahteve.Preko this agency I found his little daughter a suitable nanny. Nanny John deserves all the praise for their work. My little daughter is kept for 6 months, or more precisely in the period before entering kindergarten. Capable, cheerful, caring and a good girl who fulfills all obligations on time. If you need a responsible and practical person, please contact the agency Kolibri, they will know how to help each parent. We highly recommend John nanny.

Tijana Damnjanović

Cooperation with the agency Hummingbird remained in my memory extraordinary, thanks predusretljivoj and communicative agency owners managed to get to his goal, and that is the diploma of philological faculty and a professor of Serbian language and literature. The child was nearly seven months, and I wanted to finish college s` given that we only have one exam. No one could help me in keeping the child and about to come to terms with the fact that I will not boil college when my husband called Hummingbird agency. Thanks to the owners, but the next day a girl came that we liked and soon began working with us. I never worry when I was a child leaving the sweeter, and I thought that there is no person to whom I entrusted the seven-month baby. Agency and Sladja have done that today I feel happy and thank them immensely for that! Agency Kolibri would recommend to all parents, because it will be really pleased with the service, and most importantly, calm and confident that their child is in good hands.

Milica Radović

From the bottom of my heart, and a good experience in working with her we highly recommend our nanny Dusanka Ducu Karic. At the right moment he walked into our home, while my son was still a baby and gave us all their expertise and professionalism. With her grow and learn and we as parents, and carefully strplljivo participated in every step, first words, first bites, occasional mischief. Always ready for new games and many surprise, seemed to Bogdan grow into creative, social and happy child who is now almost ready for kindergarten. S` respect family Miković

Biljana Miković

We wish to thank the agency hummingbird on a very professional and committed approach to finding a nanny that suited all our needs. Sunčica Ignjatovic turned out to be the right choice for keeping our son in a crucial period ranging from 13 months. Extremely quickly established a close and warm relationship with the child so that he truly loved. With a lot of patience, dedication and energy she performed all the activities of games, reading, eating so that our son very much and learned fantastic progress with Sunčica. As I pointed out the most important and Sunčicinu enormous responsibility and thoughtfulness for the safety of the child at any time that we as parents allow us to be completely at ease when the child was only with her either in the house or outside.

Tamara i Srđan Aleksić

Firstly personally thank you for the exceptional professionalism and very good cooperation and communication you have with parents who use the services of the Agency. I would like to commend Mariana which proved to be the right person for keeping our son, I totally responded to our needs. It is very warm and caring towards the children and its obvious that your job is done out of love. Very quickly establish a sense of trust and security for the child. On the right way of assessing the needs of the child and reacts accordingly. Beside her was a child happy, cheerful and animated in an appropriate manner.

Olivera Vidaković

I would like to thank the friendly staff at the agency Hummingbird professional support in finding a very important person in our family-our nanny .Laura has kept my son from February 2009 to September 2010 until his departure in kindergarten 3 years. And now it occasionally kept. With the child is always patient and cheerful, creative work with him and energetic. Always comes on time in a clean uniform in every sense is absolutely responsible and conscientious.

Ilić Mirjana

Escorting children

As part of our VIP service, Personal Escorts for children are adapted to suit your needs.As part of the Association of Bodyguards, a department of bodyguards specializing in the monitoring and surveillance of children. They are trained by German International Organizations iacpo.org and their work is tailored to the behavior of the “little people”.In the course of the engagement, every child entrusted has a full protection program which includes adequate equipment through which we view and track the movement of the child via satellite thus eliminating the possibility that it ends at an unknown location.

Our task is that every client, especially the youngest one, is safe and secure from any kind of physical and mental harassment.

Montessori nanny

The agency Kolibri belives that it is our obligation to be thoroughly acquainted with our nannies as they represent the selected and highly trained candidates with the longest work experience.

Through our detailed examination of this long-standing cooperation, we are proud to claim that we know who will take care of your children. Our Nannies main responsibility is your child. Your nanny can take your child for a walk, to the playground, swimming lessons, read fairy tales and give him excellent educational activities in a fun way.

We provide you the best candidates specifically selected according to your requirements. According to your needs, we will provide you with nannies who will live with you.

For nanny engagement from 1-3 weeks there is provision as agency fee which is additional 15% of the full amount charged for hiring a nanny.

Reservations of your chosen nanny needs to be done 7 days prior beginning employment


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